The cottages are located in natural peace, on the shore of Lake Naamajärvi. 
At the cottage you can listen to the sounds of nature, bonga bird, fish, soossa by boat, calm down / relax in the middle of the hurry.
1.5 km from the cottages you can get a relaxing, healing massage. Pets welcome.


Private beach, boat, sauna, barbecue grill

Built in 1996
30 m2 + 14 m2
5 beds
Facilities: lounge, kitchen, one room without doors, loft, terrace, sauna in the same building, wash water from the lake, hut, pavilion and outdoor toilet
Equipment: TV, bedding, dishes, gas stove and gas fridge, linen provided by contract, rowing boat
Heating: fireplace
Lighting: solar-powered
Drinking water: picked up from the farm, 1.5 km away or from the cottage yard.



Private beach, boat, sauna

Built in 1992
30 m2 + 25 m2
4 beds
Facilities: living room, kitchen, mh one room without doors, loft, porch, exterior toilet, wood storage
Sauna: lakeside sauna, woodburning stove, washing water from the lake
Equipment: gas stove, gas refrigerator, radio, (TV), dishes, bed linen, linen according to agreement, rowing boat
Heating: fireplace
Lighting: (solar-powered)
Drinking water: retrieved from the farm, 1 km away